Movers: 15 Tips For Stress-Free Moving

15 Tips For Stress-Free Moving With Movers

House moving is no easy task. With all the planning, organizing, segregating, packing – the whole moving process can seem daunting. But with proper planning and preparation, you will be able to make it through this moving process unscathed and into your new home in no time. 

Below are 15 tips to keep your moving stress-free.

1.Create a Timeline

Moving houses always takes longer than you think, so make sure to allow enough time before the moving day itself. Prepare at least a month before. Create a strategy so that you are all packed up come moving day. Plan and itemize your stuff and pack one box a day or tackle a whole room week by week.  

2. Employ the Help of a Moving Company

Moving companies nowadays can offer more than just moving your stuff from your old home to your new one. If you lack manpower, they are a great help in safely carrying and transporting your heavy furniture. Moreover, some movers have professionally trained teams that are expert not only in moving but also in packing your stuff – a great help if you cannot find the time to pack yourself.

3. Purge your Stuff

The less stuff you have, the easier it will be to pack. As you sort through the things around your house, see what you don’t need and what you can donate. Apply the KonMari method and purge household things that do not spark joy. You can even conduct a garage sale and earn some extra bucks. If not, you can donate it to charity organizations like Goodwill or Donation Town.

4. Take Pictures of Electronics and Furniture that Need Setting-up

Some of your electronics and furniture need dismantling before you can box them up. For electronics, before you disconnect or unplug them, take a picture of where all the cords should go. Likewise, when dismantling furniture, take a photo of how they are set up. Take care not to misplace the bolts and nuts of your furniture by placing them on a ziplock and labelling them. This way, it will be a lot easier to set them up again.  

5. Move your Drawer with Everything Inside

One packing hack that can save you a lot of time and boxes is moving your drawer without removing its contents. To secure the contents inside it and keep the drawers shut, use a plastic wrap. You can also apply this on trays of items that can be safely moved as long as their contents do not fall out.

6. Use Disposable Foam Plates to Pack your Plates

Foam disposable plates can serve as a cushion and secure your breakable plates. As they are already plate-shaped, they can be placed perfectly between the dishes before you pack them.

7. Make a Packing Kit

Save yourself time by having a box of supplies that you can carry around while packing – scissors, markers, knives, straws, wrapping supplies, etc. This way, you can focus more on packing and less on rummaging through the house looking for that scissor.

8. Do not Mix Stuff from Different Rooms

Keep items from one place in the same box. You can colour-code your boxes to easily distinguish which box should go to the bedroom, kitchen, etc. This will save you a lot of time and will make it easier to organize your stuff when you unpack in your next home.

9. Wrap Hanging Clothes with a Large Plastic Bag

To easily pack and unpack your hanging clothes, use a garbage bag to wrap around the clothes while keeping them on their hangers. When you unpack them, you can remove the plastic bag and hang them in your closet. Be careful though when using a garbage bag as some well-meaning helper might mistake the contents as trash and throw it out in the bin.

10. Find a Pet Sitter

Your pets might get on the way of the movers when taking out the boxes and furniture. The moving day might also be stressful for your pets. Talk to your friends or neighbours and ask if they can look out for your pets for a while while the movers pack up. Do not forget to arrange the transport of your pets with your movers.

11. Have your Deliveries a Day or Two After Moving

If you purchased new furniture or appliances for your new home, do not have it the same day as the moving day itself. Wait until the moving day is complete before tackling the delivery. This way, you can avoid congestion from the moving team and the delivery team.

12. Protect your valuables

Find a box or a bag where you can store your valuables like jewellery, relevant documents, and laptops. During the moving day, it is best to place the valuables near you, or in a place, you can watch over them. If you have essential documents inside your laptop or computer, create a backup in case something might happen during transit.

13. Prepare for your First Night

Pack essentials that you are going to use on the first day at your new home – clothes, toiletries, light bulbs, garbage bags, etc. Place them all in a box and don’t forget to label it. This way, you do not need to rummage around, and you can rest after a busy moving day.

14. Label Boxes on All Sides

Avoid putting the label on top of the box where it can be hidden when the boxes are stacked. Instead, place the labels on all four sides of the box for easy identification. You can also colour code and print them before attaching them on each box for the movers.

15. Use Toilet Paper Rolls to Organize your Cords

A month before the moving day, save your toilet paper rolls to use as cord organizers. To do this, line up vertically all the empty rolls on a plastic container. Insert the cords on each roll. For better organization and easy identification, attach a label on each wire.