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Orlando is the fourth biggest metropolitan area in Florida with 307,000 residents. Like all cities in Florida, it is trendy among tourists, getting 59.3 million visitors each year. With so many people in the area, traffic is bound to get bad – but not as bad as one might expect. It ranks number 134 on the list of the most congested cities in the USA, and the investigations into the infrastructure only make it better. The residents and visitors don’t complain much about the traffic, aside from the time during high season. So, if you want to move with some moving companies in Central Florida, you will want to know, how bad is Orlando traffic?

What are the factors contributing to Orlando traffic?

Compared to today, the traffic situation in Orlando has been far worse than a few years back. In 2019, the average local person spent 61 hours a year in commute. In 2022, it diminished to 22, while in 2021 it’s just 9 hours. But even though commute hours have been significantly decreased, the following three factors still negatively impact how bad Orlando traffic is.

  • Population growth – the population of Orlando has been steadily increasing, and from 2022 to 2023 it increased by 1.62%. The previous years have seen similar results, meaning that Orlando is constantly expanding. More and more people living in the same area will put pressure on the infrastructure, leaving heavier traffic.
  • Tourism is the main industry in the whole state, and in Orlando, it is just getting worse because of the 3 main amusement parks in the area. During the summer and holiday seasons, Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Park, and Sea World Park see an explosion of tourists.
  • Infrastructure construction – the government is investing $2.3 billion in the I-4 Ultimate Project. It will lead to less congestion, but while it is in construction, it will have a countereffect. If you plan on visiting your storage in Orlando FL, then you might get one that is closer to your home.
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There are certain factors that make traffic worse in Orlando

What hours should you avoid when traveling?

The time when most people commute is the famous morning and afternoon rush hour. Everyone will be coming from or going to work, resulting in heavy congestion. If you are using moving services in Orlando, they will likely advise you to move outside of this time frame, as they know how bad it can get. Other times to be aware of are the weekends, events, and holidays. During this time, more tourists come to the area, putting an additional strain on the infrastructure.

How can you cope with this?

You certainly cannot change the fact that Orlando is popular among tourists and that it is growing every year. Our local movers in Orlando are always busy, trying to help many people come here. But you can try to utilize your work schedule, use public transportation or make good use of ridesharing and carpooling. These will either help you avoid the rush hours or not contribute to it.

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If you wonder how bad Orlando traffic is, you will be surprised

How bad is Orlando traffic? Final thoughts

Traffic in Orlando can get bad, but it is nothing compared to cities of similar sizes in Florida, and to other metropolitan areas in the USA. The government is working hard to reduce how bad Orlando traffic is, but it will take time to see results. For now, you can choose the best time of the year to move, and try to enjoy it as much as possible!

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