Get Ready for Moving Day

Being prepared is one of the best things you can do before moving day. A little preparation goes a long way toward making your move as easy as it can be!

Make plans for small children & pets

Keep in mind that your movers will need to be able to leave the front door open to load and unload your belongings – making it easy for small children and pets to escape outside. We highly recommend hiring a babysitter, daycare, family member, or friend to watch your small children during your move and find a secure place for your pets like a crate or pet sitter.

Measure & prepare your furniture

Make sure to measure your larger belongings like couches and television stands to make sure they’ll fit through your door or a large window. If you need your furniture disassembled or reassembled, our movers come equipped with basic tools including a Phillips and flathead screwdriver, standard-size Allen wrench, and pliers.

Televisions & mattresses

We require televisions to be placed in a television box to prevent any damage from occurring. Mattresses and box springs must be placed in a mattress and box spring bag to maintain hygienic standards. If you don’t have your original television box for moving or a mattress and box spring bag, we have them for purchase for your convenience.

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Reserve your elevator

Most management companies don’t allow multiple moves to take place during the same time. Therefore, if you have an elevator that we’ll need to use during your move, please make the necessary reservation arrangements before moving day. We suggest asking for the exclusive use of it for the entire duration of your move.

Find dedicated Central Florida movers

Whether you are moving your entire two-story house or small apartment, there is much work to do. Choose reliable and trustworthy Florida movers who can organize the whole process from start to finish. Contact us by phone, e-mail, or through our contact form.

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