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If you are moving, you probably saved enough money for a move. Still, you will likely try to cut down on moving expenses. With the current rising in prices, it’s best to save up as much as possible. Since moving can be exhausting, you might be less concentrated and focused. That can cause you to pay additional expenses, which you usually do not need. However, if you are tired from moving, it’s easy to make these kinds of mistakes. To help you avoid additional moving expenses, the best central Florida movers give you tips on avoiding paying more than you should.

How to avoid additional moving expenses

There are many ways you can avoid additional moving. One example is having an estimate of your move. Many residential movers Orlando have a moving estimate calculator on their website. All you need to do is type the date and from where to where you are moving. That will give you and your movers an idea of your relocation and moving expenses. If you know what your move might range, you will realize more easily whether something is additional and overpriced or not. To avoid moving costs, you can:

  • Hire a trusting company
  • Declutter before moving
  • Pack yourself with your packing supplies
  • Hire moving company for heavier furniture only
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Hiring a reliable moving company will help you avoid additional expenses.

Hire a trusting company

Finding a reliable moving company is vital to avoid additional moving expenses. A reliable company will most likely offer you a binding estimate. This estimate protects you from paying additional money for anything. After you give vital information regarding your move to your moving company, they will estimate the cost of your move. After you sign the contract, they will not be able to charge you any additional fees. If they try to do so, they are breaking the law. Therefore, it’s best to find a good and reliable moving company to cut additional costs. If a company offers you a non-binding estimate, it’s best to avoid them.

Unlike a binding estimate, a non-binding estimate will only provide you with the exact moving cost after the move. Therefore, they can charge you many different fees. And, by law, you will need to pay them. Many scammers and sketchy companies use the non-binding estimate to overcharge their customers. The price they give you can be twice or even thrice the regular price. Therefore, finding reliable movers is the most vital thing. 

Declutter before moving

Decluttering is a great way to lower your moving costs. Decluttering means throwing out everything you do not need or do not use. It does not mean that everything you throw out has to be old. You should declutter any things that you do not use. If you have unused things or things in good condition, you can sell them. That way you will earn money. If you do not want to sell them, you can gift them. Or, you can donate them to many charities, which need everything- from clothes and books to appliances, shoes, and furnaces.

Since moving costs depend on how many things you are moving, you will lower your moving costs by decluttering before the relocation. Before hiring local movers Orlando, you should declutter.  Decluttering also has a positive influence on our mental health. Getting rid of things boosts serotonin. It makes us feel more energetic and in charge of the situation.

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Decluttering will help you save up money and space.

Pack yourself with your packing supplies

Packing everything yourself will help you cut additional costs. Using your packing supplies will help you save up and care for our environment! There are always some boxes you can reuse. This goes for packing tape and packing foil as well. If you do not have enough boxes, you can use your suitcases. For example- use your purses and backpacks as boxes for packing smaller items such as books, underwear, makeup, vital personal documents, etc. Packing supplies are not expensive, but you will likely throw them out as soon as you move out since nobody needs so many boxes in their house.

Packing yourself will save you from additional moving costs. If you can, ask your family and friends to help you out. It is easier to pack everything when somebody helps you. As a thanks gesture, you can make a small party and offer some baked goods and drinks for your friends and family, especially if you are moving during the summer.

Hire moving company for heavier furniture 

This tip you can do if you are not moving too far away. If you do not have too many belongings, you can hire movers in Orlando FL to relocate only your heavier belongings. For example – your bed, wardrobe, washing machine, etc. As for lighter items, you can transport lighter items yourself, or you can divide your item between your friends/family members. You can do this for items such as books, wardrobe, shoes, kitchen appliances, blankets, towels, etc. However, we only recommend this if you do not have too many belongings and if you are not moving too far away. If you are planning an interstate move, letting your movers transport everything to your new home will be more convenient. Of course, if your friends and family help you, you should thank them with some kind gesture.

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Using your packing supplies and packing everything yourself will help you avoid additional moving expenses.

How to avoid additional moving costs-conclusion

To sum it up, moving can be an exhausting process- mentally, physically, and financially. If you want to avoid additional moving expenses, finding a reliable moving company is best. Only accept companies that offer binding moving estimates. After that, you should declutter. Also, reusing and using your supplies will help you save up. The last thing is hiring a moving company to transport just the heavier items. We wish you a pleasant move to the city of Orlando, Florida!


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