Sunrise in Florida

Moving to Florida from a colder climate is a significant and courageous step. People that thought this through must have debated this decision at least a hundred times. Moving to a different climate requires prior preparation. You will need to consider many things in order to evade certain surprises. And still, for everything you expect to happen, at least two more tasks you didn’t think about will appear. Even during the process of moving, you can always consult with local movers in Tampa for more advice.

Moving to Florida from a colder climate

When people think of happiness, they usually envision warm, sunshine-filled spaces that will do wonders for their health and relaxation. Good weather throughout the year allows people to enjoy more fun outdoor activities and prevents the stress and depression of gray cities. After you move to Florida from a colder climate, it is not only a change of degrees in weather, but a complete change in both mind and body. So there will be some things to consider before contacting residential movers Tampa.

Warm Miami nights are a big change for people moving to Florida from a colder climate

Moving to Florida from a colder climate is a big change.

A move to Florida from a colder climate brings many advantages. And here are some of them:

  • No more money spent on heating – Moving to Florida means good warm weather all year round. And although there might be some rainy days, there won’t be any need for constant heating. Sure you can get some seasonal clothes but the need for that won’t be extensive either.
  • Soaring vitamin D levels – There is a study that says 40 percent of Americans have a vitamin D shortage. And a natural way to get more vitamin D is the natural sun. And is there a better state in the US for this than Florida? For example, the packing service Tampa offers is not the only good thing about this city. So is the sea! Like many other cities in FL, it offers stunning beaches and sunny weather.
  • Outdoor activities – You can enjoy outdoor activities throughout the year. Unlike when you are in colder ones. Although in some areas you can find some chilly mornings, the temperature will raise during the afternoon. Snow is still uncommon. Just think about it morning walks, sailing, fishing, camping and so much more!

Disadvantages of a moving to Florida from a colder climate

Of course, not everything is sunshine and rainbows. Relocation to Florida from a colder climate also has some bad sides you will need to consider. Warmer regions have more insects. That means you will have to worry about different types of bugs throughout the year. Beginning in the spring, you may encounter insects such as gnats, mosquitoes, flies, wasps, bees, and so on. But colder months are not safe either. They have insects like ants, ladybugs, spiders, and other critters that may enter your home.

A bee sucking pollen

Warmer climates have more active insects, and there are more reptiles such as snakes and lizards as well.

Something else you might notice during the move while movers Tampa help you move is the pollen. Why would that be an issue? Well ask someone with allergies and they will tell you in detail. Although milder climates are great for growing crops, outlandish flora, and other plants it means more pollen. Unfortunately, if you have allergies this might be one of your biggest enemies. It can cause sinus problems, headaches, itchy throats, and sneezing.

Adjust to living in Florida fast

Of course, a move to Florida from a colder climate can be a huge shock for your health. But at the same time, you will experience cultural shocks every day. Floridians are known for their personalities. And the state has one hell of a character as well. But that doesn’t mean you are not up to the task. Get your summer clothes ready, grab sunscreen and pesticide, contact the best Florida moving and storage experts and get ready to concern Florida! Here are some tips that will help you adjust faster.

Seasonal Clothing

Warmer areas still have winters, although they are usually a lot milder and shorter. Take a few moments to sort through your clothing. Your closet should include enough lightweight jackets, shirts, and dresses that will help you stay cool.  You’ll also need a quality raincoat! Why? Well, warmer areas are prone to more thunderstorms and some rainy days. That means you will still need some sweaters, coats, and boots.

A closet ready for reorganising

After you move, get rid of all unnecessary clothes. Although you will need some warm clothes, don’t keep the ones you won’t wear.

A lot of sunscreens

Florida is the state of beaches! That means that after your move to Florida from a colder climate you will experience more sun than ever. So make sure to always have sunscreen at hand. You can get a burn without even noticing.

Air conditioning is your best friend

Moving to Florida from a colder climate means exchanging your heating bill for an AC. In Florida, the summer temperature can be quite harsh. Before moving you might want to inspect your new home and make sure to install an AC if it already isn’t there. If there is already an AC in your new home, call someone to do proper HVAC maintenance or do it yourself. Don’t underestimate the Florida summer heat waves. At the same time, when you move to Florida from a colder climate, that means your body is not used to the heat yet. An AC is a great help with that. But also don’t forget to hydrate. However, don’t forget that constantly having the AC on is not healthy either it is a great help when adapting to your new hotter home.


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