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If you are from Florida, then you know why they call it the Sunshine State. Both Largo and Palm Harbor are beautiful places to live, so it’s understandable if you’d like to switch around and move from one to the other. After all, why wouldn’t you? It sounds like a great switch to enrich your life. Florida is a wonderful state, so changing cities sounds like a lot of fun. However, there are certain things you should know before moving from Largo to Palm Harbor. By following this easy guide, you will make sure your transition is smooth and enjoyable. We at müv Florida have plenty of experience when it comes to city-to-city moving, so we’ve decided to write this guide and share our knowledge. Let’s get straight into it.

Have a trial run of the Largo to Palm Harbor commute 

First and foremost, if you will be driving yourself to your new home, make sure to first test the commute. You don’t want to find yourself unable to make your way from city to city in the middle of the move. The best time to do it is when you are on your way to buying or renting your new home. It is the perfect occasion, so make sure to make the most of it. When you get back and the moving day comes, you’ll feel much more confident. If you by any chance chose your home virtually, still try and test the commute. If you will be driven there by your movers in Largo FL, then you have nothing to worry about. But if you are still not sure about that, go for a test drive. 

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Moving from Largo to Palm Harbor can be a great experience, make sure to plan it properly.

Get to know your new neighborhood first before moving from Largo to Palm Harbor

Before you actually relocate to Palm Harbor, explore your future surroundings. Given that you’ve already picked a new home, make sure you know where the most important places in your area are located. Find out where is your nearest grocery shop, so you don’t have to run around unprepared when you get there and you realize you have to eat or buy some home supplies. If you have kids and you will be driving them to school, test that commute. Find the nearest one to your home, so neither you nor your kids will waste time traveling there. Make sure to know where the nearest DMV, police station, post office, etc. are located. Especially the DMV, as you’d have to update your driver’s license and registration to reflect your new address. Also, if you need storage units for some of your items, make sure to find the best storage Tampa FL has to offer. 

Plan your move from Largo to Palm Harbor enough time in advance 

When moving from city to city, make sure to be well prepared and organized. That will make a huge difference in how that move will play out. If you organize it poorly, you won’t be enjoying it and a lot of things could go wrong. To avoid that, simply follow these 3 simple rules that make any relocation a good one.

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Make sure you get enough packing supplies and organize your budget properly

Set a budget 

This is also a very crucial step. Make sure you follow your budget when you set it. Don’t allow yourself to overspend on something that is not crucial, as you could create problems for your move down the line. For example, don’t overspend on packing supplies. If you buy too much, you will end up simply wasting money, and perhaps you won’t have enough time to sell them. To avoid that, see how much stuff from your home you will bring and plan accordingly. Once you have a sense of how many items and of what sorts you will move, getting enough packing supplies will be a piece of cake. Try and get your packing supplies from your friends and family if they recently moved. You can also try Craigslist. A lot of people are even giving packing supplies away for free! 

Get enough packing supplies 

You don’t want to have either too much or too few packing supplies. If you have too much, you can inadequately put a smaller number of items in boxes and risk crowding your moving vehicle. If you have too little, you can put too many things inside and risk your boxes breaking during the move. To avoid that conundrum, first make sure to have a sense of how much stuff you will be bringing. Once you know exactly how much you’ll bring, it will be easier to know exactly how many packing supplies you will have to get. Once that is complete, make sure to optimally use the available space in your boxes. Make sure all of your items are properly wrapped and secured, so they don’t break during the move. You can always ask your moving company to give you a hand with packing before the move.

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Hiring a reliable moving company can be a crucial step of a successful move

Hire a reliable moving company

Hiring a reliable moving company can definitely be the key factor in a successful move. You need movers with plenty of hands-on experience that will handle all your items with care. Not only that but also answer all the questions you might have and provide any additional help you might need. Moving can be a pretty smooth and simple process if you are in the right hands. Likewise, if you hire movers without much practice under their belt, moving from Largo to Palm Harbor will for sure be a headache. To make sure it all goes your way, find the best movers Palm Harbor FL has to offer. We at müv can’t wait to take your call and help you in any way we can! 




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