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Sometimes when we have to move, we have to do it on a budget. Sure it doesn’t always have to be extremely expensive to move even when employing a moving company. What are some of the best ways to save even more money when moving from Ocoee to Orlando on a budget? How can you find the most affordable, but at the same time reliable movers in Orlando FL? Keep reading to find out more.

The Two Cities

Ocoee is a town located in the state of Florida. Or to be more precise, it is found in the county of Orange. Ocoee hasn’t noticed a lot of change in the number of residents in 5 years. But it preserved a constant small quantity of new citizens moving in. It has reached 44829 citizens. This means that its residents’ growth rate is 1.0% in the previous year or a total of 17.2% in the last 5 years. Ocoee offers its residents a suburban feeling, which is nice for families that like more space and wish to avoid large densely packed cities. Not to mention that here you have plenty of nicely paid jobs available and many nice attractions for your children. But what do you get after moving from Ocoee to Orlando?

An attraction in Orlando

Orlando is a place well-known for its out of the world attractions

If you asked around, many residents probably recommended the best movers Ocoee FL offers. But what will your life look like after moving from Ocoee to Orlando? Here you will find dozens of theme parks and famous attractions! Orlando, Florida is the 23rd biggest urban area in the US. Over 2 million citizens are currently living in the Orlando region. That means that the city is constantly growing and creating new areas to live in. Approximately 138 individuals move to Orlando every day. Deemed the most visited traveler goal in the country, the city witnesses more than 70 million tourists each year. At the same time, the economy is being supported by tourism and the passion for creating long-lasting memories.

Is Moving from Ocoee to Orlando on a Budget Possible?

No matter how big or small, a budget is still one of the most important things when moving. Moving from Ocoee to Orlando will of course depend heavily on the size of the budget you decide on. The type of the move will also have a heavy tool on the prices and your wallet. Usually, people decide to move by themselves in hopes of saving money. But they fail to realize that you can hire the best local movers Orlando can offer and still manage to save money. So what are some of the things that can lower your moving prices?

  • Time of the move
  • Packing supplies
  • Decluttering
  • Helping hands

Time of the move

When moving from Ocoee to Orlando on a budget, there are some factors you need to consider. When you contact anyone of the Central Florida movers, you will need to pick the moving date. The date you pick can affect your budget greatly. The most frugal time to move is during the fall and winter seasons. But if you want to go even further choose weekdays and the midpoint of the month. Not only will you get lower costs, but you may also even obtain more engagement from moving companies during these periods due to a smaller program. Unless your relocation has a specific date, try to be adaptable on your relocation date. By permitting the company to include you in their program, you might be capable to arrange a date and time that operate great for both of you. This may even assist you to arrange a more optimistic rate.

Man setting his watch before moving from Ocoee to Orlando on a budget

Picking the right moving date can greatly affect the whole process of moving from Ocoee to Orlando on a budget

Packing supplies

Boxes are the construction blocks of a triumphant move. But the price can add up fast. If you’re trying to relocate on a budget this is not something you would welcome. There are a bunch of ways to collect all of the boxes you need for moving from Ocoee to Orlando, and for free as well. Some recommendations are:

  • Asking family and friends
  • Looking around the office or workplace
  • Supermarkets and other stores
  • Recycling centers

Relying on the scope of your move, the price of bubble wrap and packing paper can add up. Causing budgeting to become even more challenging. To bypass these charges completely, try utilizing linens, towels, and simple clothes to cover up fragile items. You can likewise replace packing paper with plastic bags as well as newspaper.

A couple wraping furniture

Packing is better done when you have someone to help you out.


One of the most challenging things about moving could be deciding what to do with unwanted belongings. If you have a wardrobe or extra room full of these objects, try making three piles: maintain, donate and throw away. This lessens the scope of your move, which assists with moving on a budget. You can also donate your furniture to The Furniture Bank. As you begin to evaluate all of your items, you might encounter some undesirable objects that still have worth. Or you may discover that you have two or more exact objects. So thinking about selling them is something that can help out when you plan a move from Ocoee to Orlando on a budget.

 Helping hands

Do you have a bunch of relatives, buddies, and colleagues who live nearby? If you do, ask them to come over to assist you. You can improve the exchange by supplying them with food and beverages. But keep in mind you’re moving from Ocoee to Orlando on a budget, so don’t exaggerate it. In addition to preserving a lot of personal time packing your objects, it can even provide you with more quality time with adored people before you move. Keep in mind that the purpose of this is to complete your move as anxiety-free as feasible.


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