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Often, when moving, people compare the old and new place. As no matter how similar the two places are, some differences are bound to exist. Although the reasons why people move are not always the same. Some things such as the job market, costs of living, and so on are easy to compare. As such, before contacting movers Pinellas Park FL, there are some things you should know. When moving from Pinellas Park to Seminole it is important to get a few tips from professionals.

About Pinellas Park and Seminole

Before moving from Pinellas Park to Seminole, you should know the facts about the two. Let’s start with Pinellas Park! Living here offers citizens a dense suburban feel. Most of the residents own their own homes. In Pinellas Park, there are many of pubs, eateries, and parks. Many retirees live in Pinellas Park. But even with that, the schooling system here is of great quality. All in all, it seems like a nice place to live. So why do people contact movers Seminole FL and move?

A family moving from Pinellas Park to Seminole

Moving from Pinellas Park to Seminole with kids can make the move a bigger challenge than it should be.

Seminole is in Pinellas County. And is considered one of the best places to live in Florida. Living in Seminole offers citizens a mix of urban-suburban feel. And here as well most of the citizens are homeowners. This is also a place that welcomes retirees and shows them a wide rarity of restaurants, cafes, bars, and other fun places. At first glance, the two are quite similar. But their charms are quite different.

Costs of living after moving from Pinellas Park to Seminole

The cost of living is the amount of money needed to pay all of the necessary expenses to keep a particular lifestyle standard, in a specific location and time. Required costs can include accommodation, food, taxes, health care, clothes, schooling, amusement, and transport. In Pinellas Park’s cost of living is 5.7% lower than the US norm. And the average income is $41,877. On the other hand, Seminole’s cost of living is 3.5% higher than the US average, but the average income is $47,588. Meaning that living expenses are higher in Pinellas Park, and you will have more money to spend if you live in Seminole.

Home prices

An average home in Semionele is around $312,900. In comparison to that, Pinellas Park has an average of $230,600 for a home. But if you are preparing a move from Pinellas Park to Seminole, when you add up the salary and the living costs, then the difference in home prices isn’t that big of a deal. Of course, a difference of $82,300 looks like a huge deal. But with the lesser costs of living and higher prices, the difference is manageable. And proves to be worth it.


Pinellas Park has around 54,854 residents. The average age of those residents is around 44 years. On the other hand, Seminole has fewer residents. Around 18,863 people call Seminole their home, with the average age being 55 years. That means that, although they look similar, one is significantly smaller and less crowded. So, the need for younger people in Seminole is apparent. As such, many jobs are waiting for new residents. Not only do you get a beautiful smaller town, but you also get a possibility of a good job and a nice place to raise a family.


Actually, when you move from Pinellas Park to Seminole, at least when talking about the schools, the difference is not that big. Both places have great schooling systems, as well as well dedicated professors. Of course, for your kid, the change of space will be confusing and hard enough. But with the help of Seminoles professors as well as other kids, they will adapt pretty fast. Of course, the main reason behind that is the similarity between the two schooling systems! So you don’t have to worry about moving. Your kid’s education will still be in good hands.

Moving advice

Relocation from Pinellas Park to Seminole is a local move. And although it may sound pretty clear to move locally, moving short-distance does not insure you outright success. And while it is largely true that local moves are often arranged, managed, and performed easier than long-distance ones, any type of move has its specifics and should not be miscalculated. So we are here to give you some of the basic moving advice you will need before you contact movers Tampa.

Begin moving planning on time

Before you start getting ready for a move from Pinellas Park to Seminole, you will first need to plan out the move. You must begin the required preparations as soon as you decide to move. Make a plan for a week-by-week moving timeline. And plan your own list of the things you need to do before you can finally relax in your new house. As you complete each task, you will see how your personalized moving plan has greatly helped you to stay on the right track.

A moving plan for today

Making a plan ensures that everything is under control.

Try not to take your local move too casually. You may be thinking that you are only moving short-distance so there is plenty of time. But keep in mind that you should never get relaxed until the whole moving matter is over. As the days can sometimes pass too quickly. Without us even noticing. And there are many things we need to do outside the home before moving. So write everything down!

Packing supplies

When relocating from Pinellas Park to Seminole, you can choose if you want to pack yourself or hire müv movers. Hiring professional movers has its own benefits. As their packing services are usually well-supplied with packing materials. And won’t require additional time for collecting everything. On the other side, if you don’t want to pay extra for packing services, it’s time to get supplies!

You’ll require neat boxes of different sizes. They must be in good condition, as well as sturdy and with available covers. There are different methods you can go around finding them. For example, local supermarkets usually have suitable boxes which they won’t need anymore! And the important part is that they will probably give them to you for free. Also, you can ask friends, family, and neighbors (or people you know who have recently moved) if they have any boxes to spare. Also make sure that you also get packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, markers, labels, etc.

Man laying under moving boxes

Sometimes moving is stressful. But with a little help, everything gets solved.

In conclusion

Moving from Pinellas Park to Seminole is not a long-distance move that requires months and months of detailed planning. But at the same time, it’s not something you should take for granted. At the end of the day, a move is a move. Unwanted and unexpected situations can always happen. So being careful is only a plus. Although we might don’t need as much time, the organization is still important. So don’t leave your items and pack them last minute. And don’t contact movers late, thinking they will have time. Take the move seriously and get ready to enjoy your new home.


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