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At some point, people retire and start the next page in their lives. Such a turning point is senior living. After years of work and sacrifices, it’s time for people to relax and finally have some much-deserved break time. Although many don’t decide to spend their retirement the same, a big number decide to move with the help of the best moving companies in Central Florida. Some decide to live alone, but others decide to go to senior facilities. We will tell you a little about Oakland FL senior living: an overview.

Welcome to Oakland

Oakland is a small suburb of Orlando. It has a population of 3,065 citizens. Oakland is located in Orange County. Living here gives the residents a rustic feel and most of them actually own their homes. Many young people live in Oakland but there is also a great number of seniors moving here as well. It was established in 1887 and is one of the oldest cities in Orange County. The cost of living here is high when compared to the average in the United States. Also, it is high even when compared to the rest of Florida. The average household income in Oakland is $119,803 making it the highest in the US and FL as well. You can always contact local movers Orlando if you are interested in moving, and the high cost of living isn’t something that worries you.

Buildings for Oakland FL senior living

There are different types of establishments for Oakland FL senior living. Among them, you will need to pick what you like the most.

Home costs in Oakland

In Oakland, 87.0% of the residents own their homes. On the other side about 13.0% pay rent. The main cost of a single-family house in Oakland in 2022 is $472,345 which is the highest in the US as well as high for Florida. In comparison, the average one-bedroom apartment rent is around $1,470 per month. As such many people decide to check out the Oakland FL senior living and reside in one of the homes. As it is much cheaper and more reliable than being alone.

How to pick where to retire

Two of the most important questions you need to ask yourself are “when will I retire” and “where will I retire to?” Once the when is decided all that’s left is to determine where. Options for senior living communities are constantly expanding. Asking the correct questions will assist you to make up your mind. And to discover the senior community that best fits you. When you’re searching for a retirement home in Oakland Fl you should assess it based on elements like the area, access to health care, accessibility, protection, lifestyle, price, and more.

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Having skilled people that are looking out for you is worth every penny.

Types of senior homes in Oakland FL

When you’re looking for a senior home, it’s fundamental to keep in mind there are different types of said communities. Some typical community varieties include active adult 55+ communities for home buyers, senior flats, assisted residences (or personal care), nursing homes for qualified nursing care, remembrance care community, and life plan communities (also known as resuming care retirement communities). Each one of the aims to offer a safe, welcoming atmosphere for seniors with distinct needs and tastes. No matter what you chose movers Oakland FL will help you move.

What do you need to consider when choosing where to stay?

The best practice to get to know the location is by asking what the weather is like. As well as what’s located nearby. Visit different parts of Oakland FL before you make the final decision. You should enjoy the weather all year round! Especially if the move is permanent. Also, some of the biggest reasons people move here are because of the abundance of activities. There’s everything from music to restaurants. If by chance you can’t decide you can always use storage Orlando FL options, as some types of storage units have senior benefits, and keep your belongings safe until you make up your mind.

Seniors with grandkids

Your family will always visit you from time to time, and make your days even better.

When looking at Oakland senior living, medical care is one of the important factors. Who would want to live somewhere where their needs are not met? Well, exactly! As such, many seniors are happy that there are many specialists in Oakland! A good hospital goes well with all of the trained personnel found in the local senior homes.


Oakland FL senior living pays a lot of attention to safety. The crime rate is lower than in the surrounding cities. And the police are visible at all times and ready to help even with the smaller things. As such it comes as no surprise that living here is quite safe. And due to that many pick it as a place of retirement. When paring up safety, nice food, as well as nice weather and cheap rent Oakland is one of the best places in FL for the elderly.


When talking about Oakland senior living it’s important to take note of personal tastes. Those are the factors that will make the biggest difference! So don’t worry if you don’t agree with someone. What’s important is that you like where you are, and the care that is provided to you. If by any chance you are not happy about something voice it out. You are in the period where you should relax and enjoy life, and as such you are not obligated to close your eyes to anything!

One of the most important things is that you are satisfied with the Oakland FL senior living you are experiencing. And that you think it can’t be better. Carefully pick out everything and finally relax as you deserve. You will also meet many new friends there and find fun activities you can do together.

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