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It’s important to get as much information as you can about the location you plan to live in. And if it’s a beautiful and enjoyable area like Orange County, you will feel great about it. For that reason, we have some things you didn’t know about Orange County FL. And with moving companies in Central Florida, the task of relocating to it will be easier. However, when you add our advice to it, it will be easier to get to know the whole area from its history to the things it can offer you.

Among the things you didn’t know about Orange County FL is that it’s home to many successful companies

One of the more important details of an area is how successful it is and what opportunities it has to offer. For that reason, you can say that one of the things you didn’t know about Orange County FL is that it has several Fortune 500 companies in the small area. Besides the commercial, the residential movers Orlando will have a lot of work in the area. With so many people being able to find quality jobs, you can say that a big part of it all is big and successful companies. Be that its health, food, automotive, banking, fashion, or any other industry, Orange County will have the best of the best in its area.

Among the things you didn't know about Orange County FL is that it has a lot of successful companies

There are many quality businesses in the Orange County area

Orange County is home to many beautiful outdoor areas and sports centers

If you want a healthy lifestyle, Florida is the right state for you. And pretty much the perfect area to have this type of lifestyle will be Orange County. It has hundreds of amazing parks and several dozens of recreational centers. It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur or a professional, practicing sports will be easy. Of course, after the local movers Orlando help you with the relocation, it will be easy to get around. Especially if you want to enjoy Orange County as an active family, it will be very easy to do. You won’t find a better place to ensure that you have an active and healthy lifestyle.

One of the things you didn’t know about Orange County FL is that oranges weren’t as dominant in the area

Of course, Orange County got its name because of the fruit that represents it. However, it should be noted that oranges have not always been the dominant plant and fruit in the area. One of the interesting facts is that citrus was a very important part of the crops in the area. During the 1900s Orange County was the main hub when it comes to citrus in the whole state of Florida. However, after a couple of years where the citrus plants have been freezing, the farmers have been stepping away from the fruit. The plant has been moving more to the south each year, and citrus hasn’t been a dominant factor in Orange County for decades.

The Orange County area has been the location for many Hollywood movies

Orange County in Florida isn’t as famous as its counterpart in California. However, it’s important to notice that it has its own history when it comes to the movie industry. There have been dozens of movies filmed here. Make sure to prepare your storage Orlando FL and get your hands on some of the memorabilia. Overall, if you like movies, it will be fun to know that some of the classics have been filled in the area. Let’s take a look at some of the movies that have been filmed in Orange County:

  • Jaws 3
  • Problem Child 2
  • Lethal Weapon 3
  • Passenger 57
A fim set

One of the things you didn’t know about Orange County FL is that it also has some Hollywood movies filmed in it

Almost 100 million people visit the Orange County area every year

Florida as a state is a huge tourist attraction. However, it’s also very important to notice that Orange County is a big part of it. There are cities like Miami and coastal cities around the state. However, because of Orlando and its surrounding areas, there are a lot of people visiting. And as a result more and more of them choose moving services Orlando to stay in the area for good. With around 100 million tourists every year coming to Orange County, you can be sure that there will be a lot of jobs available connected to the industry. Overall, it’s a fact that is surprising for many. And we’re sure that it’s something you didn’t know about Orange County FL.

Orange County has a rich history that comes with different interesting facts

Overall, the whole area of Orange County is very rich when it comes to history. That’s why it’s very important to get to know the area a little better. Overall, we mentioned that it has a lot of active people that love sports. But also, some of the pioneers in a lot of areas of life. You can be sure that in Orange County there will be a lot of people that are innovative and create breakthroughs. For that reason, here are some fun facts about Orange County. Above all, you will see that it’s very rich in sports history and has many people that were groundbreakers.

The first person to cross the Atlantic in a gas balloon was from Orange County

In 1978. a man by the name of Joe Kittinger has attempted to cross the Atlantic in a hot air balloon. And it was a huge success, and so he became the first person in history to do it on his own. Why is it important to Orange County? Well, he is a resident of Orange County and is just one of the innovative people that have been living in the area for years and even centuries. If you want to find an area full of smart and courageous people, you can be sure that Orange County FL will not be a mistake to check out. Joe Kittinger is one of the people that put Orange County on the map, and not so many people talk about it.

A hot air balloon in the sky

Some of the pioneers have started in Orange County

The Citrus Bowl has a huge history when it comes to sports in the area

For many around Florida and beyond, Citrus Bowl is the game you want to keep an eye out for when it comes to college football. However, the arena that holds it every year has a rich history and is in more sports than just college football. Above all, the construction itself was built in 1936. and it’s still one of the places that both players and fans enjoy. The energy and atmosphere you can feel in it are amazing. That’s one of the reasons it also hosted some soccer games. To be precise it hosted five, matches in 1994 World Cup. But also played an important part in the Olympics in 1996.

Among the things you didn’t know about Orange County FL is that it got its NBA franchise in the 1980s

This maybe isn’t among the things you didn’t know about Orange County, but it’s a very important part of the history of sports. Orlando Magic is a representative of Orlando and the franchise was born in 1989. and has become a fan favorite ever since. As part of the NBA, it has been the main attraction for all the people that love basketball in the whole county. However, it has been the work of the whole community and a lot of lobbying. However, thanks to all the support it got, Orlando has one of the teams in the NBA. A fun fact is that the Magic could have also been named Heat, Juice, or Tropics. However, the name Magic won in a poll that the Orlando Sentinel organized.

There’s much more to Orange County than just Orlando

When you think of Orange County FL one of the first cities that comes to mind will be Orlando. As a very rich city with many lakes, and also entertainment options, you can be sure that it’s the main attraction for many that visit our move to Orlando. And of course, after the movers Orlando do their job, you can be sure that there will be many things that you can do. And probably one of the must-go places, if you’re a parent with kids, is to check out Disneyland. However, many other places are worth your time. So make sure that you explore Orlando and everything it has to offer.

Disneyland Orlando

There’s much more to Orange County than just Orlando

Winter Park holds many things you didn’t know about Orange County

If Orlando isn’t the place for you, Winter Park can give you all the benefits of it with a small and welcoming community. However, it’s also a place that holds a lot of things you didn’t know about Orange County FL. And our movers Winter Park very well just how interesting and great this part of Orange County can be. One of the things that you will surely enjoy will be the city’s lakes, bricked roads, and the overall feeling that it will provide. But Winter Park is not the name this area always had. Beforehand it was named Lakeview, and afterward Osceola.

Ocoee is a beautiful city to enjoy in Orange County

One of the smaller communities in Orange County is Ocoee. However, it doesn’t make it any less important and fun. Especially when you look at the fact that it has a plethora of golf courses and trails. It’s a paradise for bikers, runners, or just hikers. That’s why if anyone asks our movers Ocoee FL they will say that it’s a place that will attract people that love the outdoors. Above all, it will be a very well-organized city and offers many benefits that other places around Orange County and Florida can’t provide you.

Orange County FL

Orange County is a great place

Make sure to get to know Oakland

With a population of around 4,000 people, Oakland isn’t one of the biggest places in Orange County. However, it’s one of the oldest settlements in the area. It was established in 1887. It was a very important part of the citrus industry that the area had until deep in the 1900s. However, our movers Oakland FL have been moving more and more people there. Especially as it’s considered a small town in the big city. It’s a very rich place when it comes to history and has a deserved spot among the places in Orange County you should know about.

Get to know the things you didn’t know about Orange County FL by checking out Apopka

Apopka means the spot to eat potatoes. However there’s much more to it when you look at its position in Orange County and Florida overall. It’s also a city that many know as the indoor foliage capital of the world. However you look at it, it’s one of the cities in the state of Florida that people overlook. Besides that, it has a big commercial and residential area. But it’s also known for the beautiful areas that surround it. Overall, you won’t be disappointed with the benefits that Apopka will have to offer.

A couple of friends enjoying the outdoors

There will be some amazing outdoor areas in Orange County

Maitland is a city that is very enjoyable for people all over Florida and beyond

The things you didn’t know about Orange County FL is that it has some of the most beautiful places and cities that are rich with history. The fact that it’s located centrally in Florida, means that it will be the perfect place for many that want to live in a smaller community but want to have all the benefits of the larger cities. Maitland is a city full of art and museums. So we’re sure that if you’re a person that enjoys both, you will feel at home in Maitland.

You can’t overlook Orange County and everything it has to offer. It has so many to offer and it’s one of the best areas in Florida to live and spend your time. And with all the things you didn’t know about Orange County FL, it will be far easier to appreciate everything you can encounter in it. We’re sure that anywhere you move to in the area, it will be a very interesting place you can enjoy. We hope you learned something new about Orange County and that you’re ready to visit it or even move to it.

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