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Investing in home comforts and collecting memories are the things that bind us to our homes. Over the years, every house gets cluttered with items that have accumulated over the years, and there has never been a time or reason enough to get rid of them. However, as a senior, decluttering is the right way to eliminate accumulated possessions. At the same time, it will open the door to a new phase of life. In addition, it can be very difficult to downsize the home where you spent many joyful years of your life. With this complete downsizing guide for seniors, we’ll help you stay organized and make your move to Florida less stressful.

How do we know it’s time to downsize?

Our needs change throughout our lives. As retirees, we are at an age when we seek more secure and comfortable living options. The large homes and treasures accumulated during the years of family life become an excess and a burden in the upcoming age of life. Costs are reduced, and the next step is to move to a smaller, more economical space. Large living spaces can become a burden to you during maintenance as well as an added cost. You’ll also need a more functional space, without extra stairs, and a one-level floor where you can get around more easily. It is equally vital for you to be close to medical care or your doctor. Statistics also show that more than 20% of seniors are considering moving to warmer areas, and this may be the best time to move to Florida.

A man sits on a pier and looks out to sea.

For many, retirement and reduced living space may mean moving to warmer places like Florida.

These are all reasons to reduce the number of items you plan to relocate with you. In the complete downsizing guide for seniors, you will be guided step-by-step through the planning and downsizing process.

Start your preparations in advance

Be aware that it will take a lot of time to organize, pack and transport all your belongings. We recommend starting preparations two to three months early to avoid doing everything at the last minute. If your family or friends are involved in helping with the move, share the schedule of activities with them. Consider the following tentative dates for upcoming activities:

  • Downsizing and packing
  • Garage sales or charity events
  • Finding a moving company or help from family and friends
  • Moving day
  • Unpacking boxes and placing items in the new living space

Your belongings should receive the best possible treatment during the move to ensure their preservation during transportation. Movers in Melbourne, FL, is a trustworthy partner that will ensure the safety of your belongings and efficient relocation.

Size of the new home

The critical decision to make before downsizing is where your loved one will live. Several factors can influence this decision, such as the need for care, limited mobility, other abilities, proximity to family, and budget. All these factors affect the choice of future living arrangements that will meet your needs. There are several options to consider:

  • renting a house
  • buying a smaller house or apartment
  • living in a retirement community
  • moving in with a family member
  • using home care services
  • assisted living

Finally, if you find that you are living in a space that has too many rooms that you are not using, it may be time to move. Similarly, if you feel lonely as a retiree and miss interacting with people, it’s time to look for some of the best places to retire in Florida.

Real estate rental

For many retirees, renting a home may be a better option. Often the current home is too large for your needs. In addition, taxes, mortgage payments, and insurance can be too costly for seniors on fixed incomes. For these reasons, many are looking for a solution that will allow them to retire comfortably. A smaller space with easy access on one level is a much better option. By selling real estate, you will free up capital from which you can live comfortably.

A smaller home

The decision of older people to move to a smaller living space is mainly due to the reduction of costs and household chores. A smaller home requires less expense, and the remaining money is used for other needs. In this way, seniors still have a sense of ownership of their possessions and can maintain all the habits they enjoy. Keeping pets or having a small garden is possible in a small space.

Whether your move is small or large, movers Tampa will help make the relocation easy. The complete downsizing guide for seniors will help you sort and organize your belongings for the move and leave the rest to the experienced crews.

Retirement community

These gated communities are made up of homeowners who must meet age requirements to join. Such communities have smaller, functional homes for two or three tenants and are well-secured. Retirement communities are also located in prime areas of the city, close to shopping and health care.

As a senior citizen, you have decided that your new home will be in a warmer location. If your move brings you to Orlando, moving companies in Orlando offer services that will make your move easier and smoother.

Move in with a family member

Some families will solve the growing needs of elderly members by moving them into their empty rooms. Seniors will live in a safe environment surrounded by members who will meet their care and household needs. In addition, living with a family will provide proximity and connection, so they won’t feel out of place and isolated. On the other hand, moving out of an apartment or house requires minimizing the amount of stuff you need to take with you. Because of the limited space, living with close family members may deprive them of the privacy they are used to.

Home care services

If, as a senior, you decide to remain in the comfort of your own home, it indicates that you have chosen the option of aging in place. This option is viable if your assistance needs are minimized. It means that you need less help with daily activities, is close to family and friends, and require certain home care services. These home care services include transportation, housekeeping, personal care, and health care. In addition, if your mobility becomes limited, home modifications can go a long way toward making your environment functional and accessible.

Assisted Living

This option includes residential care for seniors who need help with daily activities. These facilities will provide you with personal care services that you would not have if you lived at home or in the community. You will be housed in private apartments and pay for the units and some additional services such as meal preparation, cleaning, or laundry services.

If your new home is on Florida’s Space Coast, you should consider getting professional help to move to the sunny beaches. Space Coast movers will give you the assistance you need, and the relocation will be in experienced hands.

Two women put things in boxes

Decluttering is necessary to reduce the volume of your household possessions and be ready for the next phase of life.

Time to declutter and downsize

Often we are not even aware of how much stuff is around us. Decades of living in one home surround us with closets full of clothes and bedding, an endless array of dishes, and many souvenirs from various occasions. To act in this situation in an organized and practical manner, without excessive emotions, we need a good strategy. The Complete downsizing guide for seniors will give you some tips to handle this unimaginable task, step by step.

Start with the easy part when following the complete downsizing guide for seniors

Start with the objects or parts of the house you are least attached to emotionally. It could be clothes or a part of the cabinet with items you don’t use. There is something different for everyone. So start with easy tasks to begin decluttering with as little stress as possible.

Sort into three categories

When decluttering, establish three categories: keep, donate, and throw away. Also, assign someone in the family or friends to take away the junk and what you donate so that stuff doesn’t get stuck. The rule is: when decluttering, pack as much as you can.

Go room by room

Start de-cluttering room by room. If the new place doesn’t have that room, leave it for last and take only the things you need. Similarly, if you have two bedrooms and the new home only has one, bring the items and furniture you need for one room.

Duplicates must be eliminated

In every household, we find duplicates of certain items. Perhaps we bought them in a distress sale or received them as gifts. When downsizing, it is necessary to get rid of duplicates. The right solution is to donate them.

There is no “maybe” category

When we declutter, we often think we might need some items someday. In this case, that means never. So try to eliminate any objects you could easily categorize as “maybe.”

Prioritize the problem areas of the home

Although you start with the easy parts, try to include one challenging task at a time. Spaces such as the attic, garage, or basement may contain many heavy and bulky items you may need help with. Therefore, prioritize areas that require more effort and work.

A woman who is aware of the complete downsizing guide for seniors

Now is the time to gift or donate items of sentimental value.

Get rid of some sentimental objects

Sometimes it is hard to imagine that we need to move out of our long-time home. At the same time, we should also reduce the number of items we take with us as seniors. The attachment to a particular object over a lifetime is part of our identity and memories. It’s a time when you will part with some sentimental items, but they can continue their journey. Now is the time to start separating items of sentimental importance to your loved ones. You can also donate valuable items to someone who needs them. Not only will you be doing a good deed, but your item will be a blessing to someone else. To preserve the memory of these items, you can take pictures and save them in an album or on a memory card.

Digitizing memories

Save old letters and photos from oblivion by digitizing your memories. You will save space, and photos and letters will be available whenever you need them.

A box full of old photos

The complete downsizing guide for seniors suggests keeping mementos such as photos or letters in digital format.

Prepare for a long and exhausting job

As you sort and categorize items for moving, you will come into contact with stuff that has not been touched in a long time. Be prepared for layers of dust, pet dander, or mold. Equip yourself with masks, gloves, and necessary inhalers and medications. Take regular breaks and take care of yourself.

Label the boxes by room

When packing, the complete downsizing guide for seniors suggests labeling each box by room and contents. Each room will have the appropriate number of boxes marked with the corresponding contents. For example, if you are packing glasses in the kitchen, you would label the boxes with glasses from 1 to 5.

Rely on the help of others – you’ve earned it

It is crucial to have reliable support during these life changes. Your children and grandchildren can provide great emotional support as well as help with decluttering and downsizing. Also, professional assistance is always welcome. At müv will provide you with an efficient and safe move based on your needs and make the moving process a pleasant experience.
Also, if you have valuables to sell, using services that will handle the sale on your behalf will make the process much easier.

Ask for assistance when following the complete downsizing guide for seniors

Any change is difficult at first. However, with proper organization and support, things seem much better and more positive. In the Complete downsizing guide for seniors, we’ve given you some tips on how to get organized and prepare for the next step. It’s another stage of life that should bring you comfort, surrounded by your family and loved ones.














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